Episode 9: Summer Special - Sex On Holiday


Sex Talk Episode 9 - Summer Special- Sex on Holiday

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Sex talk. Coming up on this episode of sex talk: Dr Stuart: Hey guys. Hilary: Hello Dr Stuart Flanagan how are you? Dr Stuart : Good thanks, it's pretty dark in here because I've got my shades on, I've got my sunscreen, I've got my water wings… I'm all set for my summer holiday.

Hilary: You're a cool Sexpert Dr Stuart!

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Adele : Hello and welcome back to Sex Talk! If you're new to Sex Talk, this is a podcast all about Sex, presented by me, Adele Roberts,

Hilary : And me Hilary Ineomo-Marcus

Adele : Where has the time gone?

Hilary: It has gone like no man's business as they would say in Africa. Literally it's flown, but we're here, second series.

Adele: Series 1 is done and dusted, and we're all refreshed and ready for series 2!

Hilary : Adele, How are things? Any holiday plans for the summer?

Adele: I was stupid and I booked my holiday at the start of the year so I've already had my holiday and now all my friends are getting ready to go to Ibiza and I'm fuming.

Hilary: At least we've got some sunshine. No rain just yet.

Adele: What about you, are you escaping?

Hilary: I'm probably going to go up to Scotland, I want to go to Scotland and Wales – Mount Snowden is a good visit.

Adele: You want to get up Snowden? They've got a train up there and I think they've got a café as well.

Adele: Thanks for all the follows on Twitter! If you haven't followed us already, our Twitter handle is @SexTalkRadioUK, and you can also follow #SexTalkPod to join in the conversation.

Hilary : In the last series of Sex Talk we had some incredible guests in the studio with us, and I met some inspirational people on my travels around the country.

Adele : Yes in the last series we talked about loads of things to do with the birds and the bees, here are some of the highlights:

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Garry: So when I was diagnosed 27 years ago I was given 5 years to live and I was 23 at the time in college.

Aiwan : I explained that I was gay, I am gay, and she just looked at me and she smiled and she said "it's okay that's fine because all we have to do is pray and fast for one week and it will go away."

Sophie : With the condom and you're protected, you're like it's with a condom, I'm sucking rubber for £250!

Leasuwanna : I instantly knew that it was HIV. My partner at the time… I found out he knew, but he hadn't informed me.

Voice Over : Sex talk.-

Hilary : If you haven't heard series 1 yet, it's easy to go back and listen to our previous episodes on our website, sextalk.radio. You can also subscribe to this podcast to be kept up to date with the latest episodes via the website or wherever you get your podcasts from…

Adele : Now, on with today's episode!

Hilary : Absolutely Adele, and we're recording this in the middle of a spring heatwave, Harry and Meghan have just tied the knot and it feels like there's a real feeling of summer starting – so we've decided to kick off series 2 with a summer special! In this episode we'll be talking all about sex on holiday!

Adele : And Hilary's brought his rubber ring.

Hilary: I think you should clarify what that ring is Adele.

Adele: You blow it up.

Hilary: It's a big ring so it might take you some time…

Adele : 87% of people in the UK take a holiday either in the UK or abroad each year, and one in 12 travellers have sexual contact with a stranger while on holiday, although that's a much higher statistic if you're 16-34.

Hilary : Over 30 million people attended a gig or music festival in 2016, and 1 in 5 festival goers say they slept with somebody they hadn't met before at a music festival.

Adele : So it's sun, sea, sand… and mud that seems to get people in the mood! But how safe are we all when the mood takes us on holiday? A study on backpackers in Thailand found that almost 37% reported either not using condoms, or not using condoms consistently. And it was Southeast Asia where a British man recently caught 'the world's worst Super-Gonorrhoea' which you may have heard about in the news! We'll be finding out what some of you get up to on holiday later in the programme!

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Adele : Well it's time to invite today's guest into the studio. Welcome back to Sex Talk our resident specialist on all things sexual health - Dr Stuart Flanagan!

Stuart : Hey guys.

Hilary: Hello Dr Stuart Flanagan how are you?

Stuart : I'm good! It's pretty dark in here because I've got my shades on, I've got my sunscreen I've got my water wings, I'm all set for my summer holiday.

Hilary: You're a cool sexpert Dr Stuart.

Adele: You didn't mention your speedos?

Stuart : You've got to see these in person. Shock factor.

Adele: So today we're talking all about sex on holiday, and Dr Stuart, you're going to be giving out some advice on how to stay safe on holiday…

Stuart : Yeah so summer is all about letting your hair down, getting time off work, time away from your studies, maybe getting away from home, whether that's going somewhere in the UK or going abroad, and because of that I think we all lose our inhibitions a little bit. We drink a little bit more than we might do, we maybe take a few risks, we maybe hook up with people we wouldn't necessarily see again after the summer break so I think it's all about staying smart during summer and doing the right thing in terms of looking after our sexual health as well.

Hilary: I think we need something to ease us back into sex talk first, don't you Adele?

Adele: Oh yes.

Hilary: It's our favourite game Adele.

Adele: It's not is it?

Hilary: It is I'm afraid.

Adele: Say those two words to me.

Hilary: It's word porn!

  • -- Sex talk. Word porn. –

Adele: Hilary be honest how much have you wanted to touch this book?

Hilary: It's become my holy grail.

Adele: Well there you go I'll let you touch it again for today and could you pass that on to Dr Stuart? Oh no we want Dr Stuart to pick a letter sorry I've forgotten the rules it's been so long I'm rusty! Okay so what happens is we have the dictionary of sex and we're going to kindly ask Dr Stuart to pick a letter, we're going to read out a word beginning with that letter and Dr Stuart has to try and guess what it means.

Hilary: You ready?

Stuart : I'm ready. I'm going to go for S is for Stuart and for sex.

Hilary: Good choice.

Adele: Okay.

Hilary: Adele's flipping through, she's thinking long and hard about this one.

Adele: Well Dr Stuart will know most of these I think.

Hilary: That's true, it's unfair.

Adele: Okay I've found one: Sea food.

Stuart : Oh sea food, wow I haven't heard that before, in relation to sex? Is it something that's kind of salty?

Adele: It can be.

Stuart : Sea food wow. Something from the Mediterranean that's a bit salty I would say?

Adele: Kind of yeah. Okay so…

Hilary: Can I tell you what the streets in South London… Okay it's to do with cunnilingus?

Adele: You always go for that you're obsessed!

Hilary: I'm just telling you what the street… I'm just saying… Tell us what's the proper definition?

Adele: Okay it is sea based and think of the types of people that frequent the sea?

Stuart : So sailors.

Adele: That's right so I might as well just say it, a male homosexual slang term for a homosexual sailor. Sea food.

Hilary: Wow I understand the logic to that, look at him he's a bit of a sea food isn't he?

Adele: Do they have that in South London as well?

Hilary: No we don't have many marines in South London.

  • -- Word Porn. -

Hilary: Now Dr Stuart, we didn't just get you in the studio today to play word porn, we invited you in because you were so amazing in the last series busting myths for us!

Adele: Dr Stuart, it must be a really busy time of year for you in sexual health clinic in London, do you find a lot of patients visiting you in the summer after returning from girls and lads holidays and music festivals just being a little bit worried about what they might have got up to and wanting your advice?

Stuart : Yeah I've noticed a definite spike of young people attending the clinic, sort of late June onwards really on through the start of September, especially the week after Glastonbury seems to be really popular, everyone comes back a bit woozy having had an amazing weekend but slightly worried and anxious as well. So that's a big one definitely and then also before going back to uni as well people have a last blow out where they do something crazy and they get a little bit worried about it. And people coming back from their gap year that are just about to start uni. So yeah we definitely see more people during the summer months that have had a bit of a fling and are a bit worried and want to get their sexual health screen sorted and find out exactly what's going on.

Hilary: I went out into London on a beautiful sunny day last week, and found some lucky people sunbathing in the park. I asked them some questions about their sex lives, as you do…

  • --** Sex talk. Starting a conversation about sex. –**

Hilary: Have you had sex with someone you've just met on holiday?

Yeah on many occasions.


Ah yes.




No. Never.



Hilary: Have you had unprotected sex or sexual contact on holiday?










Hilary: And last question would you go for a sexual health check-up before and after a holiday where you were having sex with different people?

Erm after not before.


I think I probably should have done it before.

Probably not if I'm using protection.

But no I still would actually, definitely.

Yeah. I would.

Yeah I would any new partner I think go to the doctor after.

Yeah definitely.

Yeah after.

  • -- Sex talk -

Adele : Good to hear that most of the people after going on holiday would go and see a doctor, I was pleased with that.

Hilary: Very sensible. A sensible lot, got some really good answers.

Adele: Does that sound quite normal to Dr Stuart, are you surprised by those responses?

Stuart : Yeah I think lots of people might think about what might happen on holiday so they do go prepared but things happen that they don't anticipate, and I think it's good that people are smart about what to do next and they know that if they've been with a new partner or if they've had unprotected sex or something has happened that they're worried about they can go to their local sexual health clinic and get a check-up. And now it's even easier to have a home testing kit so you can find out exactly what's going on and do it in the privacy of your own home if you want to. So I think people are a little bit smarter about how to manage any potential risks that they might have encountered.

Hilary: What are some of the most common things you hear from people coming to see you after their holidays?

Stuart : The most common thing is 'I don't have any symptoms but could I have an STI?' and that's a really good question because yes there's lots of STIs that can be transmitted without symptoms like chlamydia and gonorrhoea for example and even things like HIV and syphilis we test for if you don't have any symptoms. Sometimes I get questions about particular risks. A common one seems to be sharing a Jacuzzi or hot tub. So people get a bit anxious about that.

Hilary: Sounds like another myth buster.

Stuart : Yeah, yeah so the answer is hot tubs are a bit too hot really for STIs so they won't survive in that kind of heat. I've had people ask me if it's okay to have sex on an airplane and join the mile high club. Apparently I think that's illegal in the UK.

Adele: Wow.

Stuart : You could potentially be prosecuted if you're discovered.

Adele: Which planes have toilets big enough to have sex in? They're tiny I can barely get in to go to the toilet let alone do that!

Stuart : Well you know people can find a way. Where there's a will.

Adele: In terms of STIs is there anythingyou're more likely to get on holiday?

Stuart : I think the things I'm more worried about now as a sexual health doctor is you mentioned the super gonorrhoea earlier, so it's the antibiotic resistance infections, particularly gonorrhoea actually. So in South East Asia there's been a couple of instances of new strains of gonorrhoea that's resistant to pretty much all the antibiotics we've got in the cupboard and that's a big concern and we had a case recently, a couple of moments ago, where a guy came back to the UK having acquired super gonorrhoea as it was termed in South East Asia and it wasn't responding to any of our standard treatments and we had to really ramp it up and use the last antibiotic that we have available to us to treat gonorrhoea combined with some of the others and fortunately that did work and did clear it but antibiotic resistance is going to be a big problem in the next couple of years.

Hilary: Dr Stuart you said acquired on holiday that's one thing you don't want to acquire while on holiday.

Stuart : It's an extra you don't want to take home with you with your luggage.

Adele: I've heard about people taking antibiotics with them on holiday… what's that all about?

Stuart : I'm getting asked that quite a bit actually. Patients will say can I take a dose of antibiotics to take with me in case I have unprotected sex. So there was a French study done about a year or so ago that looked at giving men having sex with men antibiotics to try and prevent syphilis and it did show a reduction in syphilis transmission, but there's concerns about antibiotic resistance so if we use it in healthy people that don't have infection then the bugs might get resistant to those antibiotics. So at the moment the advice is that the best protection is still using condoms, minimising the number of partners that you're with and if you do have condom-less sex then come in for a check-up and we can treat for an infection if it's there, because not every sexual intercourse will result in an STI being transmitted but it's important that we check if there has been a risk.

Hilary : Fantastic, thanks for – wait for it - clearing things up Stuart. We've got some more questions to ask you shortly!

Adele : Now it's been in the news in the last few weeks that Thomas Cook is calling time on its Club 18-30 package holidays to destinations like Ibiza, Zante and Magaluf, but that doesn't mean people on holiday won't be having casual sex anymore. People will always meet sexual partners in bars, and with the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, it's easier than ever to meet somebody to have casual sex with on holiday. Joining us on the line now is Sean Tipton, spokesperson for ABTA- The Association of British Travel Agents. Welcome to Sex Talk Sean!

Sean : Hello.

Hilary : Hi Sean!

Sean : Hi good to speak to you.

Adele: You too.

Hilary : Sean, what advice would you give people planning on going abroad this summer when it comes to sex?

Sean : Well I think if you're travelling with your partner, that's certainly one of the things you'll be doing with them while you're away, but clearly a lot of people, particularly younger people, will be travelling out on their own and obviously going on holiday is a chance to let your hair down and enjoy yourself and in many cases that does mean having sexual opportunities with other holiday makers or local people so it is a fact of life, particularly if you're in that younger age group and you're going to those famous resorts like Magaluf, Zante, Malia. I remember some research done a few years ago the British Medical council did, and they asked people who'd come back from places like this 'did you travel out on your own' and about 60% said yes – meaning without a partner. And a very high percentage said they had specifically gone out for the chance to have sex with as many people as possible, so it's a fact of life so there's nothing necessarily wrong with that but the dangers are obviously the same dangers you will have if you indulge in potentially risky sexual behaviours in the UK, with the added problem that in certain parts of the world instances of some very serious sexual diseases are actually much higher than the UK, so you've really got to be careful and make sure that you take sexual precautions, which again is another issue when you're on holiday people do tend to be more relaxed and not thinking necessarily in very sensible ways so it can be a problem definitely.

Adele : And what about the reps Sean, is there an industry standard message given to holiday reps before they start a season?

Sean : Well I had a chat with one of my colleagues who actually managed reps back in the 1980s and she said they were told that you won't have sexual relationships with any of the customers etc. I think that was more about professional behaviour. But at the same time you have to tread a line between not being patronising to customers, but they have in the past given out things like free condoms. There's no industry standard as such, but certainly they don't want to encourage people to put their health at risk, that's for certain, and we also work very closely with the foreign office. I'd recommend that wherever you're going on holiday even if it's somewhere very straightforward such as Spain, read the foreign office advice because there are things that you might find, behaviour that might be okay in Manchester or London on a Saturday night but in other countries could get yourself in some pretty serious difficulties. Not so much about necessarily catching something, it's more about giving offence to local people and that's easily done. We saw that in Cambodia recently, I don't know if you remember this one, it was a guy who put together a pool party and there was some – well nothing too extreme going on around the party – but it was posted on Facebook and people were arrested and the guy who set up the party got 6 months in jail, so it's not quite what we're talking about but it just goes to show the kinds of things that can happen if you're not aware of local customs, as much as making sure that if you are going to have sex with partners overseas that you do take sensible precautions and we always recommend that you take a supply of condoms out with you. Always good advice I think because you can't necessarily rely on their being good quality safe condoms in the destination you're travelling to, so take them with you.

Hilary : Sean if people find themselves in a situation abroad where they may have taken risks during sex, who can they contact for advice?

Sean : Well I think it's most incredibly important that if you're travelling in Europe or anywhere in the world, always have travel insurance. But if you're travelling within Europe and the vast majority of our holidays our – something like 85, 90% of our holidays are in the Eurozone – we're very luckily to have a thing called a European Health Insurance Card, an EHIC card which you get for free online very easily. If you have that you then have access basically treated as if you're a citizen of the country you're in if you need to go to outpatients, so if you do feel that you need to visit a doctor the next day then if you've got that EHIC card you can go to your local clinic and if you look at the majority of holidays they're in places like Spain, Greece, where the health clinics generally are of a pretty good standard, so that's what you should do. If you've god-forbid, been the victim of a sexual assault, well talk to the foreign office as well because they will assist you in terms of getting advice from a local solicitor, making sure you're looked after and if need be talking to your parents if you're very young. But definitely have that EHIC card. I'll go back to the original point, you're on holiday fair enough you're going to enjoy yourself, relax, but just don't put yourself into dangerous situations I think is fair to say as well and always make sure you practice safe sex when you're abroad.

Adele : Thank you Sean that's great advice, do you have any holidays planned yourself this year?

Sean : Yeah I've had two holidays already, I take a lot of holidays – one of the perks of the job – I'm off to, I've got a really great trip actually starting off in Romania and then we're getting a train down to Bulgaria and then off to Greece. My girlfriend's Spanish and she's very upset about Brexit so she said to me a couple of years ago we must visit every single country in the European Union I said seriously? So that's what we're doing at the moment, not all in one go obviously but anyway. Going to be a good trip, looking forward to it.

Hilary : Make sure you have that insurance Sean.

Sean : I will.

Adele : Thank you Sean!

  • --** Voice Over:** Sex talk, real stories, real issues. -

Hilary: Now Dr Stuart what precautions can people take before going on holiday or to a music festival to make sure they're being as safe as they can when it comes to sex? Can you give us a holiday checklist?

Stuart : Yeah so I think it's important before you go away or go to a festival to think about what will happen there and maybe think about how much alcohol you're going to take, think about if you're going to use drugs, are you going to use drugs safely and be aware that using alcohol and drugs might mean you lose your inhibitions a bit and you might be more likely to have condom-less sex, so I think thinking about that is really important before you go on holiday. The next thing is, as we were talking about earlier, make sure you pack enough condoms with you, all condoms sold in the UK have the British kite mark, the ones in the EU are sold with the European CE stamp and that means they're tested to the highest standards and they're definitely going to work for you, and make sure you keep your condoms stored in a cool and dry place. It's also important if you're using lube to use water based lube because oil based lube or even things like lipstick for example can sometimes interfere with condoms and make them break or come off, so it's important to use lube that will work with the condoms and water based is the best type to use and I would also say before you go abroad always think about what travel vaccinations or travel health things you need to think about generally, so that's protection against things like malaria for example but also it means you can pick up your vaccinations for things like hepatitis A, hepatitis B which can be sexually transmitted, and also, you might want to talk to your local sexual health doctor about prep which is the pre-exposure prophylaxis, which can prevent HIV transmission. So for example if you're a man who has sex with men, or you're going to a higher risk country, say somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa where you might be at risk of HIV if you're having condom less sex, you can take a drug every day which protects you against HIV transmission, so I think it's both men and women's responsibility to bring condoms with them. For example even women who have sex with women might think what's important for me to think about? I would say have condoms with you in case you're going to be sharing toys for example and that could be something that could potentially be a risk for STI transmission and it's important then to use condoms with your toys or whatever your situation is.

Adele: Okay so me and Hilary are fully packed, we've got our checklist thanks to you, in terms of when you're on holiday are there certain situations where you might be a bit more susceptible to maybe catching STIs?

Stuart : So there was a study done a few years ago which looked at those people who had acquired STIs when they were on holiday and asked them where they'd had sex during that time and it was really interesting the results because the most common place where people had been to were strip clubs, so generally you think of no touching in strip clubs but it can be different rules in different countries. Also in night clubs, on the beach, in parks, in swimming pools, so yeah all of those places seem to be areas where people are more likely to have condomless sex and I think yeah being in water, being in a swimming pool, in the sea when the wave hits it's a bit difficult to hang onto the condom.

Hilary: Or hang onto something else…

Stuart : Yeah so be aware that could be something you need to bear in mind and if there have been any risks you can always get a check up, you can come back to the UK and get a sexual health screening at your local clinic or you can even do a home testing kit now and find out exactly what's been going on whenever you've been away.

Adele: Great.

Hilary: Are park benches safe?

Stuart : Park benches are perfectly safe.

Hilary: Just wanted to know.

Stuart : Where you have sex isn't really the issue, it's more likely that you're going to have sex that's condomless which is the problem.

Adele: So we're sorted, like you just said when we get back home, what about the rest of Europe, what about places where the testing may be not as good?

Stuart : Well it's interesting because I have got a top 10 list of Europe's top 10 STI checks per capita, so this is a list of the 10 countries where people are more likely to get an STI check than others. So do you want to guess first if the UK's in the top 10, and if s,o where they are?

Adele: Well from your survey before I feel like we might be in the top 10, I feel like we ranked quite highly, because even though people maybe don't have protected sex I think they get checked.

Hilary: I'm with you I think we're top 10.

Stuart : Top 5?

Hilary: No.

Adele: What?

Hilary: We're too promiscuous.

Adele: Yeah but getting checked? Is this getting checked for STIs?

Stuart: Yes

Adele: I'm going 3

Stuart : Adele says 3 , what's your call Hilary?

Hilary: 5

Stuart: 5 . Okay and who do you reckon are the most likely to be smart about their sexual health and go for a test?

Adele: Sweden.

Hilary: Finland.

Stuart : Okay we're going Scandinavia either way? Okay I'll give you the top ten so I need a countdown for this or some kind of backing… So top 10, number 10 Austria, number 9 Switzerland, number 8 Denmark, number 7 Italy, number 6 Spain –

Hilary: It's like top of the pops!

Stuart: we're in the top 5 now – number 4 is Poland, number 3 is the UK.

Adele: Yes!

Stuart : Adele spot on number 3, number 2 is Germany, number one is… Sweden!

Adele: Yes!

Stuart : You know your European STI checks Adele!

Adele: No comment.

Hilary: She travels a lot…

Stuart : So UK, actually we're doing pretty well compared to the rest of Europe, we're pretty smart about sexual health but we can always do better of course and it's thinking about taking the preventative steps before hand as well.

Hilary: Thank you so much Dr Stuart! Now in the last series of Sex Talk you put some myths to bed for us with Myth Busters, and we wondered if you'd be able to do the same for us again in series 2?

Stuart : Ooh you're going to test my knowledge aren't you?

Hilary: As always.

Stuart : Okay I'm up for it I'll go for it.

Adele: Good man good man.

  • --** Voice Over:** Myth busters -

Adele: Excellent! Ok Hilary, what myth have you got today?

Hilary : Ok – would you answer true or false to this statement?"you can't get an STI from Oral Sex" - save your answer for just a minute because I asked the sun soaked people of London if they thought this was true or false, and here's what they said:

Hilary: You can't get an STI from oral sex, true or false?



True that you can get an STI by oral sex.

Oral sex means going down to? Yeah well I know what it means but I want to be specific. Yeah I think you can, you can can't you yeah?


False you can yeah.

Hilary: Adele – what do you think true or false?

Adele: Thinking of some of my sea food friends, I'm going to go with false.

Hilary : Right so Dr Stuart, you're the expert here- what's the truth?

Stuart : Yeah so the answer is false, Adele's right, the people of London are all right as well. Unprotected oral sex is quite a good way of passing on and acquiring particular STIs, especially chlamydia and gonorrhoea and syphilis, all of which can live in the mouth or the pharynx in the throat, and they can live there without any symptoms and they can be there for several weeks without anyone noticing at all, and then they can be passed on from one person to another very easily and that's why we do some throat swabs in higher risk groups who might be at risk of pharyngeal STI infections. Now people often worry about HIV in particular, if it can be passed through oral sex, but actually saliva is a very poor medium for the transmission of HIV so that's one I wouldn't be concerned about, but certainly chlamydia gonorrhoea syphilis are ones we should think about.

Adele: Thank you Dr Stuart, you have been wonderful to have on the podcast, as always. Will you come back and see us again to bust some more myths?

Stuart : I will, when I get back from my summer holiday and I'm all tanned and chilled I'll hit those myths with you.

Adele: Are you going to Sweden?

Stuart : Well that's where all the testing is, there will be a job for me there.

Hilary: Definitely not Austria.

  • --** Voice Over:** Myth busters. –

Adele: We thought it might be useful to prepare you for your holidays by knowing how to say 'condom in a variety of different languages. So here goes, me, Hilary and Dr Stuart are going to take it in turns. I'm going first, and I should be able to do this because it's French and my name's French Adele it's French. Alright:

Adele: French : Preservatif

Hilary: That's good 10/10. This is Greek: Profi-lak-tiko.

Dr Stuart: That has a certain ring to it. Mine is German:Kondom. I think you would know what I mean.

Adele: I can't do a Turkish accent but you have a choice here, you can either say: Preservatif or Kaput.

Hilary: I swear in another language Kaput means finish? Right the next one is Spanish: Preservativo or Condom will suffice in Spain.

Dr Stuart: I've just seen my next one, I've got all the easy ones so this is Danish or Swedish: Kondom. There's a trend here isn't there and this is condom with a K.

Adele: Italian: Preservativo.

Hilary : I think it's the same as the Spanish isn't it? Finally the American I think I've got the easiest one, Rubber. A rubber man. Fantastic. Thank you so much Dr Stuart for joining us, I hope that we've prepared you and our listeners for their holiday, so they come back feeling relaxed and refreshed, rather than itchy and nervous!

Adele : Unfortunately that's all we have time for on this episode of Sex Talk. Remember to subscribe to the podcast to be kept up to date with our latest episodes, and to follow us on Twitter, we're @SexTalkRadioUK and you can join in the conversation using #SexTalkPod

In next week's episode we're talking about Sex and Disability. One of our listeners, Brian, got in touch about the subject to say this…

"I am totally blind and like many people disabled or abled, can feel lonely or sexually frustrated and find it difficult to find a girlfriend. I visit escorts, it is like therapy it gives me a reason to be alive."

  • --** Voice Over:** Sex talk, real talk, real issues. -

Adele : So we'll be speaking to Brian, as well as an escort and a sex therapist & campaigner about what life is like negotiating safe sex if you have a disability on next week's episode.

Hilary: If you need further advice or support on any of the issues raised in this episode of Sex Talk contact your GP. They should provide out of hours contact details for emergency calls.

Adele: Alternatively you can go online - www.nhs.co.uk - to find your nearest STI testing and treatment service.

Hilary: and if you're concerned about HIV - Positively UK - can offer advice. Their helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm on 020 7713 0444.

Adele: Thank you to Dr Stuart and Sean Tipton for taking the time to talk to us today.We'll be back soon with episode 10, but in the meantime stay safe

Hilary: And keep talking!

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